Election Year

by Mister President

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released August 15, 2016

Written and produced by Mister President in Norman, Oklahoma in the election year 2016.
Except "I Care Too Much", written by Barometric.
Album art by Mister President

Thank you to my friends and family for the constant support and encouragement. You truly make life worth living, even in this mess we've gotten ourselves in.



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Mister President Los Angeles, California

Mister President for President

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Track Name: Domo Chapel
Don't go to the chapel
I'll be praying for you
It's the kind of madness
I was raised to do

So come on
there are gonna be sometimes when you
have no self respect
It's true
The way to be prepared
Is to rely only on you

If you're feeling sorry
for the shit you pull
Justify your feelings
And you'll pull through

So come on
there are gonna be sometimes when you
have no self respect
It's true
The way to be prepared
Is to rely only on you

Just be strong
You've got to have some patience
And some fear inside your heart
It's true
I'm praying with no purpose
could his voice only be a coup
Track Name: Tart
Go home and forget the secrets of eternity
That lady didn't catch an apple to be messed with
Put it in her belly all tart and sweet
Apple sauce in her belly it can't be beat

I want you too to meet her
She's got moons on both sides of her head

Shake shake the casket until the drop
Shake my own self it's not gonna stop
Apples good for pie and not very rare
Apples good oranges look over there

I wish that I could taste her
Feel the bumps in her spine and eat her hair

Blessings spat on your forehead the money shot
Come taste my orange skin, it is hot
Candles adorn you orbiting fair
Candles on your belly nothing but air

She's been wanting to feed you
Tomes of knowledge on how pleasure began
She's got fingers inside you
Pulling on your heart right out your chest
Track Name: Election Year
I want to be the one that everyone you know looks up to
I wanna please till I'm no longer standing tall
I wanna rise above and trump my adversaries
I've got ambitions but they don't define me
They don't define me

I want to sink so low that nobody can find me
I will succeed but my successes don't define me anyways
I'm too insecure to even cast a vote in my name
I wanna lead but I'm too stressed to even think it through

Come find me if you need to feel some thing
Believe in me or I'll feel nothing

I wanna be the one to bleed if necessary
Want you to weild your dagger and promptly sink it through
My skin will sing although it doesn't make me happy
But if I hear you sing along I know that's how it goes

Come find me if you need to feel some thing
Believe in me or I'll feel nothing
Track Name: Nature Calls
When nature calls you must answer
No matter where you go
Fear the cry of the panther
As you let yourself go

Go and be
Spread your seed
Don't be ashamed of who you are
It's just a need
Just like breathing
In and out you go

If you feel sick to your tummy
Know now you must release yourself
Sit on the throne you're the king now
Watch as the sparks fly out
Track Name: The Buzzing
Track Name: four2016 R I P
Democracy died last night
She didn't make it through 2016
Publicly executed
As we buried our heads

The year democracy died
2016 oh baby
you could've voted for me

I am the president
Of my own bad decisions
I am the president
You could have voted for me
Track Name: I Care Too Much (Barometric cover)
for lyrics: https://barometric.bandcamp.com/track/i-care-too-much-2
Track Name: Stars Become Us
When you go back to the ground
You'll hear silence so profound
Don't wake up

You must sleep forever now
Feel the tide rise and you drown
Don't wake up, don't wake up now

Maybe there's more to us now
Stars in our arms, show me how
To wake up, to wake up now
Track Name: Hammock
The dog is crying cause he's got no one to love
What good is living when you've got no where to run
Then suddenly my hand is palm out towards your wallets
I am a poor man pockets empty like my promises

The bastard look she gives me when her rocks are hard
Worthy of blood I will go get it from your mom
I can't recall the last time that we all ate well
Continue in this direction and we'll be in hell
I don't mind fire but the brimstone's a hard sell

I'm not a rich man, but a man's gotta do what's right
Shower me in curses I'll forget tonight
Track Name: RE-Dabble
You'll move until your heart stops beating
Are you beating your heart like a drum
It's cool if you don't like repeating
Repetition's got me repentant, oh oh oh

Don't drink or you might grow more toesies
Are you woozie from your drinking lore
You've got these feelings from your feelers
All these feels I've got I can't enjoy

Everybody's singing
Hey oh
what's the point of hanging on

Are you nervous cause your eyes are reddish
Or embarrassed cause your skin is flushed
It's cool if you're sitting not dancing
But with no dancing what's the point at all

Everybody's singing