by Mister President

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An album by Mister President. All songs written, performed and produced by Mister President, except "Luck", which was written by overpoeth.
Vocals on track #6 by overpoeth


released September 4, 2015

remastered March 23, 2016

Cover art by Elan Marche, maantis, Bryan Warman



all rights reserved


Mister President Los Angeles, California

Mister President for President

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Track Name: Skye
I think a lot about your face
The way it felt, the summer gaze
The wind is cool in the summer noon
The waves add music to our love
It's you and I and the ocean sky
My heart is full it's going to burst
Rainy days are blessings in disguise
Let's feel the coolness of our thighs as they touch
The waves they crash as they free fall from the sky
Let's float out into the blue
Track Name: Bleed
You came into my life like a bullet
Shot through the head
I bleed my love into your mouth
As we lay down in bed
Track Name: Dabble
Track Name: Dive
Should we get wet in the summer
The sun will dry us out
Should we get too dry to sit around
Jump into the water
Wake me when the sun comes out
We'll drive down to our place
When I'm with you there's no doubt
I love to dive in you
Track Name: Praise
Imma let you know I spoke to the reaper
And he's outta control
She's a freak with a problem
Now he's at your door
She's got fangs like you've never seen
Grab your candles
There's only one thing left to do
Let me clean the floor
I'll cry rivers for it to be
Your love adore I will praise you forever
Your the king of Fall, you're the queen of autumn
Now burn down everything
This is the only thing to do
Track Name: Luck (feat. overpoeth)
Ladies and gentlemen, overpoeth:

Dominoes falling in my world as I look around
I keep coming back to you for the solid ground
Audio latency cleaner than surround sound
Every time we meet I find it hard to turn you down
Ever since the start seemed like something so profound
But it's old now, time for me to go how
Looking back at the first time rewind
In my mind I was chilling on recline
But I'm finding out a better use of time
And I'm finding out that we could never find
Evil relationship built upon the sands of time
You were taking all of me so I'm running now
But of course, I always loved the sweet summer sound
I asked the cabinet, they said you're not around
won deirt I fi neve uoy hcaer t'ndluoC
Can't shake the feeling oh so unforgettable
But I gotta know even if it's medical
You're like a drug to me, others say you hurt me ho
Guess we'll never know, chiling like smoke of a candle always glow
So do I we roll in and out this world like inventions
Even though mine are good they're not the best intentions
We are not the same just like opinions
But I'm He-Man, I can make it through
No joke, I take the stairs not the stair-stepper
Man I can't take this shit like hot Dr Pepper
I don't need a lecture, already knew the lesson
Would bring me to where I am no discussion
I see the repercussions
It's not up for a discussion
Nothing's hotter than the summer
And when it ends it's a bummer
But I'll be back next year
Everclear, easy to clean
Track Name: Fruit
Among the trees there's all sorts of life
They eat the tree's bark and it makes them big and strong
We are just fruits on the vine
Ripe for the picking you must eat us if you want to live
We do what we must to survive
Jumping through all the hoops life gives us and then we die
No reasoning this one out loud
We have all the answers but we never question why